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Fertilizers and Crop protection products

Crop protection to protect your assets.

PWe produce, package and sell the main granular fertilizers used for cereal crops, for the complete satisfaction of the technical, economic and environmental needs of the most advanced agriculture, which respects the environment and people.


Thanks to the constant improvement and innovation of the products we offer a wide range of products from the main pharmaceutical companies specialized in the defense and treatment of durum wheat and cereals in general.

The new iFert fertilizer line, ideal for grain cereal fertilization, includes slow and gradual release of nitrogenous fertilizers due to the presence of different sources of nitrogen. The high sulfur content allows to reduce the pH present in the soil, to improve the absorption of the fertilizing units and contributes to obtaining a good quality of the grain.


Timeliness and capillary presence throughout the territory.

Our distribution platform for agricultural and industrial diesel allows us to be always present in the territory of “Capitanata” (the northern part of Apulian region).


The company manages two fuel warehouses located in the municipalities of Ascoli Satriano and Deliceto and, with its own tankers, is able to guarantee timeliness and efficiency in deliveries.


There is no development without ecosustainability.

With the aim of offering an additional service to our customers, we have started the collection and disposal of agricultural waste since some years.


In fact, according to current legislation, the agricultural producer is required to dispose of the waste originating from his agricultural activity.
The waste conveyed, after a careful selection and separation, is pressed, packaged and delivered to the consortia responsible and to the recovery companies.

To develop important supply chain projects and promote new forms of supply and settlement of cereals.

The primary objective of our O.P. (producers organisation) is to encourage the growth of the entire cereal sector through the introduction and development of new contracts for the supply and settlement of durum wheat, contributing, also, to improve the company’s cultivation techniques.


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