R&D Research & Development

Technological innovation in agriculture

Research and breeding of new plant varieties

Improvement of yield and agricultural income

Distribution and sale of new varieties

Evaluations of performance

Research laboratories located in international centres

A constant commitment

The scientific research is at the heart of our R & D division, and is one of our main strengths to achieve genetic improvement and the development of new technologies.


We are committed day by day to becoming an important reference point in the field of research and breeding of new varieties of different plant species.
We already have a wide variety portfolio and we are working on the development of important innovations obtained thanks to the many research activities carried out in collaboration with various institutions, both Italian and foreign.

New plant varieties

In the field of cereal research, our studies and our efforts are aimed to develop increasingly targeted selection systems: among these there are the Genome Assisted Selection, the Molecular Assisted Selection and the Duple Haployd Technology.


These three systems represent the highest technological level available today for breeding, which allows high precision in identifying the new varieties.


Hectares parceled out


Lines under observation


International Customers


Tons Distributed

The field, to evaluate the performances

In addition to the selection of cereals, we carry out important research for the introduction of new species in the different Italian and foreign cultivation systems.

As part of field testing, our Group has a large area provided by CERMIS (Center for Plant Genetic Improvement “N. Strambelli”), as well as a network of other external fields, in research institutes or farms, located throughout the national territory, which allows to evaluate the agronomic and qualitative performance of the new lines in an advanced phase of selection, as well as to identify the most suitable agronomic techniques for each new product.
Other experimental fields and research laboratories are located in the European and non European territory thanks to collaborations the company maintains with important specialized research centers.

Quality & Yield

Our goal is to search for crops able to fully satisfy the crop rotation requirements imposed by the new Community Agricultural Policies (P.A.C.), as well as the yield and the relative agricultural income.

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