Our History

Our passion for agriculture goes further

Even if the main activity is the trading and milling of cereals, we carry out many other activities and services aimed at the cereal sector, also through other investee companies.

Many companies, one Group

In order to establish itself permanently in new market areas and to develop our company from a strategic and supply-chain perspective, we have always sought partnerships and synergies with proven partners.
Some of these collaborations have evolved into relationships of a corporate nature, and at present our Group is composed of the following companies:









The importance of the hereditary heritage is one of the values of our group. It is the basis of the scientific research and allows to describe the entire production cycle, which comes from a seed and its study, passes through the attention during the cultivation, up to the final fruit and its processing.
A company that bases and holds its roots in the primary sector of the economy and invests in research with the awareness of having an important role in the future of the world and as a guide for its customers.

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For over 50 years, by your side.

We are an important reference for the cereal supply chain of our territory, a land that has always been committed to the production of quality Durum Wheat.

Our Group is the expression of a fifty-year tradition in the field of agricultural services which, starting from the grain trade and the production of certified seed, reaches the milling activity of conventional and organic semolina, as well as the processing and trading of fertilizers, the sale of crop protection products, the collection and disposal of agricultural waste.


In 1973 Giovanni Santacroce created the homonymous individual company; he began to operate in the trading of cereals, seeds, fertilizers and weeding, consolidating, year by year, his experience in the sector.
With the help of his wife Olmina in the administrative matters, he will devote himself to developing exclusively his company’s business.

FROM 1990 TO 2001

The company, after having equipped itself with a selection plant and obtained the Seed License, starts to trade its own seed. Over the years the company has reached an average production of over 100,000 quintals per year of certified seed and starts to distribute its product throughout the national territory.
The company buys the first storage facilities, and realizes a group of silos with a capacity of 110,000 quintals, and it can plan the development and growth of its company that appears more and more organized and relevant.

FROM 2002 TO 2007

The company creates a new storage facility with horizontal sheds with a total surface of 10,000 square meters and the capacity of about 350,000 quintals, to avoid the use of third-party facilities.
At the end of 2002the company obtains the “ISO 14001 ENVIRONMENTAL CERTIFICATION”, an important step for the protection and respect of the environment.

FROM 2008 TO 2010

On May 13, 2009, a share capital increase of 4 million euros was approved and the transformation into joint-stock company was completed.
The company consolidates its economic and patrimonial dimension, and is able to face with greater force the new challenges of the market.
SANTACROCE GIOVANNI SPA, in order to establish itself in new market areas and developing its own company from a strategic and supply-chain perspective, it acquires several shares in other companies considered strategic for its business development.

FROM 2011 TO 2012

The company connects an Enercon E53 wind turbine for the production of electricity. This turbine, with a power of 850 Kw, is able to produce almost all the energy absorbed by the mill.
Over the years, the company has built a modern storage facility for the milling industry. The plant, consisting of vertical silos, allows the Group to store another 20,000 tons of durum wheat.


SANTACROCE GIOVANNI SPA today holds important shares of participation in other companies, strategic for its own business development, considering also the proven professional and entrepreneurial qualities of the members involved.

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A constant commitment to improve ourselves, every day

A growing group, leader in the cereal supply chain of our territory

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