We select each grain

Thanks to our milling plant in Ascoli Satriano we are able to guarantee the traceability of the product, from the supply of seed to the collection and storage of the grain, up to the transformation into semolina.

Automation & Efficiency

Located in the heart of the Tavoliere delle Puglie (the northern part of Apulian region), a land that has always been dedicated to the production of durum wheat, our plant was created to give new impetus to a tradition of milling that has always been aimed at combining experience and modernity.

Harvest & Selection

The Mill collects the best grains, analyzing them rigorously to obtain a complete quality control on its groats.


We guarantee a remarkable preservation capacity, thanks to the high efficiency and automation of our systems.


The plant stands out for the high efficiency and automation of its production processes and for the production of Special, Whole and Organic Semolina.


The distribution takes place throughout the national territory, thanks to commercial relationships with important Italian pasta factories.

Certified Quality

Continuous production, all over the year

Careful selection of raw material

Modern and advanced laboratory

High efficiency and automation of production processes

Distribution throughout the national territory

Complete traceability of our groats

Our groats throughout Italy

we maintain the commercial relationships, mainly for the supply of organic semolina, with the most important Italian pasta factories


Annual Analysis carried out


Types of Semolina Produced


Hours a day in production


Quintals per day

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